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hà nội 1988

Prix L'Anis d'Or par l'Association de la Culture Culinaire Vietnamienne et Tuoi Tre Press

Golden Anise Award by the Vietnamese Culinary Culture Association and Tuoi Tre Press

Hi, I’m Huy. I was born in Hà Nội in the year 1988. My journey is as unique as the flavors that grace on my restaurant's tables, and it all began far from the world of cooking.

With the background as a journal photographer. My artistic eye was trained to capture the world's beauty through the lens of my camera. I traveled to chase fleeting moments and immortalise these moments in my photographs.

But life is unpredictable, and it leads us down unexpected paths. My twist moment came when I found myself on the streets of Hanoi, my mother land after 3 years of further practice as photographer in France. Here, the air was filled with tantalizing aromas, and it was impossible to resist the call of Vietnamese street food. The flavors of that steaming bowl of pho were nothing short of enchanting. The aromatic herbs, the rich broth, and the tender beef created a symphony of flavors that awakened my senses like never before. Photography was my passion, but now, Vietnamese cuisine, with pho at its heart, took center stage in my life.


Back in Paris, I made a bold decision. I was determined to master the art of Vietnamese cooking and introduce the authentic flavors of Vietnam to the people of this enchanting city.  I embarked on a culinary journey of self-discovery. Pot by pot, day by day.

Ingredients of Pho
The owner

But the turning point came when I returned to Vietnam, this time with a purpose. I entered a prestigious pho cooking contest. I poured my heart into every pot, and to my astonishment I won and received the golden anise award.


With this symbol of my triumph in hand, I returned to Paris with an even stronger conviction. My dream was clear: to share the exquisite flavors of pho and Vietnamese cuisine with the people of Paris. And so, in the heart of this romantic city, I opened my own Vietnamese restaurant, where dreams simmered in fragrant broth and where every dish was infused with the legacy of my journey.

From those modest beginnings to the present days, I truly appreciate those who have been trusting me and have been supporting me from the beginning, Hương, Thư, as my sous chefs, Uyên as my general manager and all Ha Noi 1988 equip. I cherish every steps of the process and to be able to continuously grow, I always strive to bring delicious food with the best quality to those who would walk through the doors of my restaurants.

Menu  hà nội 1988

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